Anime quickrants

IW: 2021-08-25
LU: 2021-08-30

A collection of brief rants about anime. I may decide to expand on some of these in the future.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senkou no Hathaway 1

Why is the Xi vs Penelope scene so damn dark? Not being able to appreciate the designs and the action just makes the whole scene weaker while this should be the climax of the movie. It's Gundam, we expet to see (literally) giant robots fighting; not a dark mess sometimes lightned up by a laser shot or two.

There is a reason for the darkness of the first fighting sequence in the movie; that is truly great. But there is none, expect maybe covering up the CGI (as some /m/ anons suggest), for doing the same while realizing a one on one showdown between two monstrous mobile suits: Gundam is (also) about the robots, let us see them (or at least don't try to chiken out of your usage of CGI like that).

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

The tokusatsu — houses rolling on each other — scene. It's so bad it completely broke any sort of immersion I was having with the movie but, they say, "it's intentional". Cope all you want but it being intentional doesn't make the thing less stupid or less immersion-breaking. If possible it actually makes it worse. I don't care how much Anno likes tokusatsu nor how much influence they had on him and on Eva; it was a bad (and stupid) decision to put that scene in the middle of the final fight making it look like a crappy comedy sketch.

This reminds me of an algebra textbook I once read where every chapter starts with a poem from some Latin poet. It does not matter how much the author likes or was inspired by Catullus or whoever; putting a completely unrelated poem in front of a chapter about field theory is as much intentional as it is stupid.

If there's something to take away from this story is that Anno, for whatever reason, can do whatever he wants and no one will hold him accountable for it. Heck, people will find ways upon ways to justify him.

People skipping Gundam ZZ

If you don't watch ZZ you're a faggot, no matter your reasoning. It's the conclusion of Zeta for fuck's sake, if you're going to skip the resolution why did you even bother? Also ignore the chuckle fucks who say ZZ isn't necessary to understand CCA, because they clearly have zero understanding of the core themes that have been driving the UC saga. Moreover you don't watch something merely because it's needed for something else and skip it otherwise; that's downright stupid.