Eternal Feather

IW: 2021-05-28
LU: 2022-08-27

Every page on this website contains a timestamp in the ISO 8601 format IW: YYYY-MM-DD that dates the time of page's creation. Some pages contain two timestamps (the second one preceded by LU); in this case the first one refers to the page's creation and the second one to the last time the page has been updated (I may decide to not bump the second timestamp for very minor edit such as: fixing typos, layout, CSS).

I try not to delete anything I've posted to this website as I've deleted a lot of stuff that I posted to the internet in the past and regretted it. This is also why there is no personal data here, but a lot of me as a person. If I end up disagreeing with my past self I'll just write about it and leave the old stuff up; I want this website to be my own Tale of Memories.

As for what you'll be able to find here: Mathematics and Anime are what I'm most interested in so there will be a lot of that. Generally I think that writing is a way of exploring oneself so there'll be blogposting as well.

Below's a full list of all pages ("tales") in this website, organized by theme.

Tales of Anime

Anime is my media of choice; I've been watching it for years (albeit not with a lot of constance) and have many things to say about it.

Tales of Computers

More or less technical writings about stuff you can do with your computer. I've been using GNU/Linux (or, as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux) and free (as in freedom) software for years and enjoy talking about it.

Tales of Mathematics

More or less technical writings about Mathematics. My interests here lay particularly in Algebra, Logic and Category Theory.

Tales of Memories

Thoughts about things that happened to me, or pages that contain stuff that does not fit (or only fits partially) into any other category.